Calls For Change

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 Education Reform

Our children deserve the very best education. Curriculums need to be restructured in order to incorporate actual life skills and focus on finance and business. Every single student should graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset and understand the importance of avoiding debt, managing finances, and investments.  

Medicare For All

Healthcare is a human right. No one should ever have to choose between health or finances. America is ranked 37th in the world when it comes to healthcare quality and yet rank #1 with the highest costs in the world. Paying top dollar for subpar care shouldn't be the American way.

As your congressman I will create competition between pharmaceutical companies, which will lower prices and work towards creating fully optional government funded medical plans that will provide millions of Americans with healthcare. 

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Immigration Reform

Immigration is not illegal. As a nation founded by immigrants, we should be working collectively to protect our brothers and sisters. 

 "I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me. (Matthew 25: 31-40)"  For a country that was founded on religious freedom, we have strayed away from our values when we deny our own neighbors at the border and abroad. 


Our system is flawed and it needs to be adjusted. Our laws welcome and protect many countries but due to our inefficiencies, people are suffering. 

I plan to restructure our methods and introduce ways that will allow immigrants to work towards their citizenship. My plans will end cartel human trafficking and put more money into our economy. 


Equality and LGBTQ+

Love is Love! Who we love is up to each and every individual. The LGBTQ+ community is constantly under attack. Every other year they gain rights and with a blink of an eye those same rights are taken away. 

We need policies that will PERMANENTLY protect their rights and give our community peace of mind, so that they can also have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

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Credit Repair Assistance

Poor credit has plagued this country for far too long. Predatory creditors target young adults and usually leads to a whirlwind of accumulated debt throughout their lifetime. As we know, habits are hard to break.  

There are many reasons why we fall into debt and as a result, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew.

Credit takes minutes to destroy and years to rebuild. My policies will give a second chance to Americans and provide them a faster route to recovery. 

I will create a credit forgiveness plan that will allow Americans to take approved financial courses that will then grant them a federal credit score. Under this program the previous credit history will be inaccessible to other creditors, and thus they will not be judged by their past. 

Voting Rights 

Voting is an American right that educates politicians on the needs of their constituents. 

Without a vote, you have no voice. Currently, American territories cannot vote for president even though that is their Head of State. There is currently no incentive for politicians to cater to these nations and no pressure for change. 

My policies will grant voting rights to ALL legal aged Americans regardless of residency.  This will grant voting rights to over 3.5 million Americans.

Pressure will be put onto states that are requiring identification to vote. I will fight to make sure those states will be required to provide those documents free of charge to all residents that are voting on a federal level. 

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 Scales of Justice

Criminal Justice Reform

Prosecutors get ranked based on conviction rates. Which means they have ZERO incentive to believe that the defendant is ever innocent. For years evidence has been rejected in order to achieve conviction success. 

Too many people have been wrongfully convicted just to have their case overturned years or even decades later. Too many innocent people are still behind bars at this moment.  

Personal biases exist and must not be ignored. Minorities face much longer and harsher punishments and that needs to be stopped. Our goals should be to keep people out of jail while providing them the help they need. 

My policies will put an end to unfair and excessive sentences and will hold prosecutors accountable for falsely imprisoned persons.

Prison Reform

Prisons are intended to be rehabilitation centers. Instead, these are punishment facilities that embezzle money from our government. For-profit prisons need to be abolished while the money is reinvested into our troubled persons as well as our communities.  

The United States has a 68% rate of recidivism. That means that 68% of our offenders find themselves once again behind bars. That should be evidence enough that our approach is not working. 

My policies will promote reasonable sentencing, better education opportunities, and positive reinforcement programs that would allow inmates to reduce their sentences. 

Programs will also be added that will help promote a healthier and smoother reintroduction into the community and enhanced resources for job placement. 

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