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Who is Frankie Lozada?

Born and raised in Hollis Queens, Frankie Lozada moved to Valley Stream during his teen years. However, as everyone who knows him will tell you, he has never forgotten where he came from and will never lose sight of the community for whom he is fighting. Committed to change in our world, Frankie has set his standards high and will not stop until a proper balance has been achieved. 

After spending several months at the Mexican border, working with unaccompanied minors and migrant families seeking asylum in the United States, he is ready to fight for humanity and those who are voiceless and often overlooked in our society. 

Through innovative policy, he will build stronger communities and strive to increase minority home ownership, and minority-owned businesses, and educate underprivileged and neglected residents in areas within the district. 

Unlike his opponent, Frankie’s campaign is completely funded by the people, as he refuses to accept any corporate money. After more than twenty-five years of bad governance and corruption, Frankie Lozada is the change his district needs, fighting for progress from the very street he grew up on, all the way to Capitol Hill.


Issues We Face

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Medicare For All

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Show Your Support

It takes tremendous community support to achieve political goals, and volunteers are at the very heart of our mission. Whether you want to help plan the next event, or would simply like to make a monetary contribution to Frankie For Congress and our political efforts, get in touch today and see how you can start working towards a better tomorrow.


Why Your Vote Counts

August 23rd, 2022

 The same person has been running the show for over 24 years. Even after several scandals, and tens of thousands of dollars in fines, my opponent not only gets re-elected, he even gets promoted to higher positions within Congress. 

Gregory Meeks has been listed several times as one of the most corrupt politicians, who has bettered his own wellbeing but neglected his constituents. 

Join in on August 23rd, to VOTE HIM OUT! District 5 needs change from someone who is not a politician and is not motivated by money. Frankie Lozada lives by a strong code of ethics and has made it very known that he will not be manipulated by money and power. 

Frankie Lozada is Powered By the People and answers only to the people. 

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